Robin Sallee, FMNP, HHP

NPI Number: 1255916243

Functional Medicine Nutrition Professional, Holistic Healthcare practitioner

Fully certified by the NANP (The National Association of Nutrition Professionals) I am here to share my expertise.

At the Masters level, I have been educating and teaching in area of nutrition and health coaching for 11 years. Throughout my counseling career, I found a sincere passion in helping individuals achieve their health goals.

After, having fully recovered from my own health struggles in 2010. I decided to share the knowledge that I learned from renowned doctors with my patients.

I have helped hundreds of individuals across America with inflammatory conditions such chronic digestive distress, gut dysbiosis, food sensitivities, and food allergies etc.

Extensive coaching classes, internships, schooling, and having had experience with my own health recovery is why I am the expert I am today.

Image of Robin working out


  1. NANP Digestive Intensive
  2. ANSI Illinois Food Handler